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The Yoga Impact Charity has created Starter Kits for yoga teachers and organisations interested in establishing a trauma informed yoga program or joining The Yoga Impact Charity team. 


The kit includes: 

  • The Yoga Impact Charity Training Handbook covering

    • An understanding of trauma and its neurobiological basis 

    • The latest research on the benefits of yoga when applied to traumatised populations 

    • The Yoga Impact Charity's Core Teaching Principles 

    • Sequencing & How to tailor classes 

    • Tools for Self Regulation 

  • The Yoga Impact Charity Evaluation 

  • Sequences used in The Yoga Impact Charity Evaluation 

  • Program Considerations   

  • A one hour consultation with The Yoga Impact Charity Co-Founder discussing the establishment of your program specifically

  • Opportunity to join The yoga Impact Charity team  

The Yoga Impact Charity Starter Kit can be purchased globally for AUD$300


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