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Staff Wellbeing Programs 

Research tells us that the quickest and most powerful way to change how we feel is to change our breathing 

The Yoga Impact Charity has been providing inclusive, evidence based yoga programs to thousands of people since 2015.

We recognise the powerful impact that the practice of Yoga can have on psychological & physical wellbeing, and the growing evidence base in this space. Our methodology combines the wisdom of Yoga with the latest science about mental health and is based on the latest research and our program impact evaluations.

Our teachers are trained to teach people, not postures and are able to tailor classes to make sure that EVERYONE feels comfortable

getting involved.

If you can breathe you can do Yoga 

The Yoga Impact Charity offer 10 week Virtual & In-Person Staff Wellbeing Programs for workplaces. Each class runs for 1 hour, at a time most suitable for your staff. Programs are tailored to the needs of your workplace and impact is evaluated. 

For further information about the program and pricing - get in touch 



"I experienced improved mindset at the beginning of the day, or when I found that I did a session after work I found it was a good way to transition out of work mode"

Batyr Staff member 

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