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The Yoga Impact Charity provides evidence based Trauma Informed Yoga Trainings and programs globally. 

Our Trauma Informed Yoga teaching team partner with not-for-profit organisations, government and schools to share Yoga programs with  

  • refugees and asylum seekers

  • survivors of domestic violence

  • families of the Defence Forces

  • people in detention

  • Indigenous people

  • frontline healthcare workers  

Our programs have led to a reduction in PTSD symptoms within 9 classes and a reduction in Depression within 12 classes.


​In 2018 The Yoga Impact Charity taught 417 trauma informed yoga classes in 16 locations around the world impacting over 3000 people.

A list of our community partners can be found here


“I’m very happy when I come to yoga class. I feel like it is a very special day for me. It’s not just a yoga class that ends there, it actually continues along with my day and it makes my day so much better” 

- Iraqi Women's Yoga Group Participant 

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