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The Yoga Impact Charity Introduction to Trauma Informed Yoga  


The Introduction to Trauma Informed Yoga Online Course modules include: 

  • What is Trauma?

    • Course Overview​

    • What is Trauma?

    • What does Trauma look like?

  • The Neurobiology of Trauma

    • Attachment Theory + Developmental Trauma 

    • The Stress Response

    • The Triune Brain

    • Polyvagal Theory 

    • Neuroplastcity 

  • Applying the Evidence Based to your work 

    • The Yoga Impact Charity Core Trauma Informed Principles 

    • Window of Tolerance 

    • Self Regulation Techniques - Introduction to Exteroceptors

    • Self Regulation Techniques during Discussion 

    • Evidence Based Techniques - Breath 

    • Evidence Based Techniques - Posture + Chanting 

  • Working with The Yoga Impact Charity

    • Collaborating with The Yoga Impact Charity  



I had no hesitation that online training with The Yoga Impact Charity would be informed, insightful and impactful. I highly recommend the course for it's high quality of teachings, easy to follow methodologies and practical approach to translating the teachings to the classes I offer. The instruction and dialogue was easeful to understand, and I feel confident to apply this knowledge. Danielle Begg's is an exceptional instructor, and her compassion and knowledge for Trauma Informed yoga shines through in this training. Thank you, and Highly Recommend!!


Fiona Scicluna ( Power Living Australia Yoga, Red Dust Role Model, Lululemon Ambassador )

I got a lot out of the information and loved the succinct way you shared your expertise and knowledge by breaking it into chunks. I work in Education Support in a local primary school in Melbourne. Your work has resonated with me, because as you can imagine, there is a lot of undiagnosed trauma that some children have or are dealing with on a daily basis because of poverty and/or circumstances. This trauma plays out in unacceptable classroom behaviour, an inability to maintain focus and an anxiety around learning which can have life long effects. As a school we have looked at Trauma Informed Practices, which is why your trauma informed yoga teaching was of added interest for me. I have a solid, home yoga practice routine and well know it's benefits. I hope one day that trauma informed yoga will be the norm in education and that recognition of it's benefits will be wide spread. Thank you and namaste.


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