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Yoga With Aboriginal Foster Carers & Mental Health Workers 


The Yoga Impact Charity began sharing trauma informed yoga with the Aboriginal community in 2019. 

Aboriginal Foster Carers who participated in our 8 week Yoga program in partnership with KARI reported reduced stress and improved sleep as a result of Participating in Yoga 

"I love the feeling I have after Yoga - focused and relaxed ”

"It has helped me immensely with pain management"

- KARI Yoga Group Participants

 Click Here to read the Impact Report

We invite Aboriginal people interested in becoming Yoga teachers to make an application for a full scholarship


Connection to Country Meditation

During the COVID-19 lockdown in Melbourne in 2020, we collaborated with Wurundjeri woman and therapist Sue-Anne Hunter, to create a Connection to Country meditation

The Connection to Country meditation is available on our YouTube Channel and The Yoga Impact Charity App.


It was recently featured in Eingana - The Journal of Environment Education Victoria and has been accessed over 1400 times by people all around Australia. 

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