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The Yoga Impact Charity Approach


Improving psychological & physical wellbeing through evidence based trauma informed yoga trainings and programs in diverse communities 


The Yoga Impact Charity has been providing inclusive, evidence based trauma informed yoga in the community to thousands of people since 2015. We recognise the powerful impact that the practice of Yoga can have on psychological and physical wellbeing and the growing evidence base in this space.


Our methodology combines Yoga, Somatic Therapy and Psychology and is based on the latest research and our program evaluations. To learn more about our impact evaluations Click Here

Our approach is trauma informed and recognises that trauma profoundly impacts our psychological and physiological composition and that puts people at risk of re-traumatisation, mental illness and chronic disease. As yoga teachers we want to be aware of how we can create a safe space for people under those circumstances, facilitate a safe environment for healing and be mindful of how we relate to


Trauma impacts EVERYONE, but some of the groups it disproportionately affects include refugee and asylum seekers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, women, disabled people and the elderly. 

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